Mr Andy Kaufman's Gone Wrestling.

A game that allows you to control Andy "I'm from Hollywood" Kaufman during his infamous wrestling match on April 5th, 1982 in Memphis, Tennessee as he attempts to defeat his first male opponent, the southern heavyweight champion Jerry "The King" Lawler.

3DCSS AnimationCSS TransformsCSSGameJavascript

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Andy Kaufman Wrestling Game
Safeguarding Children Timeline

Safeguarding Children Timeline.

An interactive 3D timeline that teaches the history of safeguarding children legislation in the UK.


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React Page Transition

A React component that makes it easy to use page transitions.

BabelCSS AnimationCSS TransformsCSSJavascriptnpmReactStyled ComponentsWebpack

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React Page Transition

Bouncy Castle.

An animated 3D bouncy castle created with just HTML and CSS. I started this experiment as a means to stress test the capabilities of the transform property in CSS.

3DCSSCSS AnimationCSS Transforms

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Multiplayer Air Hockey.

A multiplayer WebGL air hockey game that consists of two parts. The server handles game creation, socket connections and the physics simulation. The client handles the UI and rendering of the table.


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Multiplayer Air Hockey